They say if you are to much into the distros stuff, and you take care so much about the system to create distributions that you get obsessed, you are a 'Metadistrosexual'.
> already done <

I was almost late. I talk about to include a spec about this new live system into the Ubuntu Beloz Zero (aka UBZ), because somebody did.
Ok, it wasn't exactly about this new live system, but actually it was. I mean, the spec talk about how to improve the Ubuntu Live system using 'initramfs' and so on. And also there are more information interesting in the full specification wiki page.

So the only thing than I could do was writing down the info and features of our system as example of implementation.

I hope with their help (and your, of course) this system show up itself as a really good one and the next for Metadistros, Ubuntu and all the distros based on.

2005-11-02, 18:08 | 13 comentarios

> New Live System for Metadistros <

Yeah, I know, I know... Too much times I said that. But this time it's totally true. I mean, it's not just a patch of last one. Nor it's a bunch of new features. This is totally brand new.

This system use the initramfs stuff from Ubuntu/Debian which is so cool.
I know initramfs is not from Ubuntu itself, but yes that implementation which is so cool :-P

The system is almost finish. It just need some polish and debugger, but it's pretty stable and useful.
My next aim is try to push this into the Dapper Drake from Ubuntu. But this is not upto me. I'll fill down the scpec, and I'll try to help out with the BOF (from the distance, of course) at the UBZ.

Anyway, in a few day you'll can test this out from the Guadalinex2005 Beta, which is going to be awesome. You'll see ;-)

And I'm preparing some doc about howto use this new system (what is actually quite simple).

See you around guys ;-)

2005-11-02, 14:03 | 7 comentarios

> Why the name? <

Cos I worth it! xDDDD

Not seriously. Last week at the ULPGC Free Software conference I was a bit more elegant than usual and rvr create the new word and called me that. It was really funny. At least, at that moment and for us...

I liked so much the new geek word that I decided to name my new blog about distros and metadistros with this name ;-)

I know this is not a very interesting history nor it is a wonderful name. But it's all what we have, so... :-P

I hope you enjoy the blog and be able to forgive my crappy english ;-)

2005-10-29, 18:52 | 8 comentarios

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